Yatseniuk suggests holding referendum to approve new constitution

Март 24, 2015    
Yatseniuk suggests holding referendum to approve new constitution



The main provisions of the new Constitution of Ukraine should be determined on the basis of a national referendum, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk during a government meeting on Tuesday. This is reported by Coruption.info.

"The president has decided to establish a Constitutional Commission led by the head of the parliament, as the country needs a new constitution,”- Yatseniuk said.

“The will of the people should be determined through a referendum on a new Ukrainian Constitution."

Yatseniuk also said that "the president, parliament and government, together with the Ukrainian people and relying solely on the will of the people, will work out on a new European-like Constitution of Ukraine."

The new constitution, according to Yatseniuk, will grant additional powers as well as responsibilities to the regions, regulate the balance of power and provide for a new efficient and transparent judicial system, a system of prosecutor's office bodies, and facilitate fight against corruption.

"It is important that the Ukrainian people say ‘yes’ to a new Ukrainian Constitution," Yatseniuk said.



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