Март 27, 2015    

According to the billionaire, the EU is too concerned about Greece.
The EU ignores Ukraine's financial situation and is too busy with solving Greece's problems, while it had to provide an additional funding to Kyiv, announced the billionaire and investor George Soros.
"Here is a country with over 40 million people who want to be Europeans and who really want to stand and fight, sacrificing their lives, and Europe ignores them. This is a terrible, terrible mistake on the part of Europe. That is why Europe must wake up until it is too late," – quotes BBC investor's words, who notes about the need to support Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.
Earlier, Soros said that negotiations between the Greece's government and creditors could cause "collapse" that would make the country to exit a single currency zone.
Soros believes "new Ukraine" is now fighting with Russia and with "old Ukraine." Without external financial aid, a status of "new Ukraine" is likely to be gradually worsened and "it will become similar to old."



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