Russia sends Argentina bombers for beef and grain

Март 27, 2015     Автор: admin
Russia sends Argentina bombers for beef and grain



UK to send to the Falkland Islands two transport helicopters and the battery missile defense because of the threat from Russia.Moscow is preparing to rent 12 long-range bombers Su-24 in Argentina in exchange for the supply of beef and wheat.

"Now sounded a new round of rhetoric on the part of Russian officials — they question the claims of the UK to the Falkland Islands".

The Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko compared the referendum held in 2013 in the Falklands, where 99.8% of those who voted said that they want the Islands to remain British, with the referendum, which last year was held in annexed by Moscow to the Crimea. Statement Yakovenko appeared after the British foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has condemned the annexation of the Crimea.

It is also reported that the deal of the Kremlin with Argentina will help her with food, because Moscow is under sanctions. In addition, Russia agreed to supply weapons with Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru.

The Falkland Islands are located 500 kilometers from Argentina in the South Atlantic and over 14 thousand kilometers from London. However, they are part of the United Kingdom from 1833, with a short break in 1982 when Argentina invaded the Islands. Then during the conflict were killed more than 900 people.

Earlier it was reported that Russian Deputy and head of the parliamentary Committee on foreign Affairs Alexei Pushkov has rejected criticism of the UK relative to the annexation of the Crimea and recalled the disputed Falkland Islands.