Ukrainian model in wheelchair shows «how to break the chains» (photos)

Сентябрь 8, 2015     Автор: admin
Ukrainian model in wheelchair shows «how to break the chains» (photos)

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Because of doctors' fatal error a 21-year-old Oleksandra Kutas from Dnipropetrovsk is wheelchair-bound since birth. However, despite everything the girl is sure her abilities won't keep her from her cherished dream – to model at New York Fashion Week.

'I want to be a model since I am 16. Once one photographer saw me in a restaurant and invited for a shoot. I liked it so much that I definitely decided to become a model', Oleksandra says.

Ukrainian photograph Andriy Sarymsakov tried to bring public attention to handicapped people and initiated a project 'Break Your Chains'.

'I want Ukrainians to see that it is possible to be successful and happy even for the people like Oleksandra. The most important is moral courage and social support', Andriy comments.

Oleksandra and Andriy plan to present 'Break Your Chains 'project abroad as the first and the only in Ukraine photo exposition with a model in wheelchair.

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