Hungarian police caught on video tossing food at refugees (video)

Сентябрь 11, 2015    
Hungarian police caught on video tossing food at refugees (video)


Hungarian police officers were caught on camera haphazardly throwing food at refugees gathered at a food bank in the Röszke refugee camp.

In footage that emerged Thursday, officers can be seen tossing bags of food into a shouting crowd that included children waiting for aid to be distributed.

The startling scene is the latest to emerge as Hungarian authorities have come under fire for the harsh treatment of the thousands of refugees and migrants who are making their way through the country in search of a better life in Europe.

The distressing video was first shared by Alexander Spritzendorfer, an Austrian politician whose wife, Michaela Spritzendorfer-Ehrenhauser, was in the camp and filmed the incident on Wednesday night.

Refugees and migrants have fled the Röszke en masse in recent days citing inhumane conditions. The UN refugee agency UNHCR has also criticized the country for the horrible conditions faced by refugees. More than 150,000 refugees and migrants have crossed into Hungary from Serbia since January.



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