Huge arms cache discovered in Luhansk region

Сентябрь 16, 2015     Автор: admin
Huge arms cache discovered in Luhansk region


Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine together with the regional police have discovered one of the largest ever revealed consignments of arms in Luhansk region.

During an inspection of premises of the meat processing plant in the village of Polovynkyne, law enforcers discovered 50 different kinds of weapons.

Security officials seized anti-missile systems, four anti-tank guided missiles, an anti-aircraft machine gun, two machine-automatic grenade launchers, five hand-held antitank grenade launchers, Kalashnikov machine guns, 68 mortar shells, over 400 packages with ranged charge, nearly 500 major propellants, 1,200 fragment ammunition for grenade launchers, four anti-tank mines, 60 grenades of different types, TNT blocks and 22,000 cartridges of various calibers.

“The UN and its member states have a strong obligation to work together to end the catastrophic wars and conflicts – not least in and around Syria. And we will have to act here and now to address the huge and explosive refugee crises resulting from ongoing conflicts – and to protect the human rights of all refugees,” Lykketoft said.

The UNGA president also promised to bolster efforts to revitalize work to reform the Security Council, after the General Assembly on Monday adopted a decision to continue long-running negotiations to increase the membership of the Council.


“I will conduct all activities in as transparent, inclusive and open a manner as possible,” Lykketoft assured. “Where it is relevant I will also engage with and involve civil society representatives and others, such that a multi-stakeholder approach becomes a hallmark of my presidency.”

Taking the stage, UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon, urged the General Assembly to review peacekeeping operations which have thus far been tainted by numerous scandals involving UN peacekeepers around the globe, especially in Mali and Haiti.

“In the weeks ahead, the General Assembly will deepen its discussions on my new report on the future of United Nations peace operations, and on the review of our peacebuilding architecture,” Ban said.

Ban also urged GA members to address drug trafficking during the upcoming high-level debate on the World Drug Problem expected to take place in April.



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