Aelita Andre — the youngest artist on the planet

Сентябрь 18, 2015     Автор: admin
Aelita Andre — the youngest artist on the planet


Seven-year girl Aelita Andre Australian artist has experienced: she created her first painting in the first 9 months, still unable to walk. Daddy, an Australian artist Michael Andre, leave a blank canvas in the living room, she crawled to him and began to squeeze paint from tubes … and she loved it.

Her first exhibition was held, when she was just 2 years. The girl has a creative family that supports her in everything: father, artist, mother, a photographer, and my grandfather – a professional painter.

Aelita “We have everything for drawing: own workshop, canvases, lots of colors, sequins, foil – to the boundless imagination of a child found his way out”. The young artist is very concentrated, with the responsibility of the creator creates more new masterpieces.


Her paintings are found critical acclaim, artists and art around the world. Experts note that in the work of the girls plays a special role color, composition, movement. Aelita begins to play: puts figures on the canvas, the river pours paint, mix different components. She brings to the canvas a story that comes into her head.


Her paintings, made in the style of abstract art, sometimes reminiscent of space. Pictures whisper to us that never too late to become a child again. Even the Picasso with which it is compared, said: “In order to learn to draw like a child, I needed a whole life.”