Ukrainian celebrities showed a unique embroidery (photos, video)

Сентябрь 22, 2015     Автор: admin
Ukrainian celebrities showed a unique embroidery (photos, video)

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Ukrainian celebrities showed rare embroidery from a private collection, which are more than a hundred years.

The event was attended by several dozen representatives of Ukrainian show business, including Vlada Litovchenko, Maria Sobko, Osadcha Katia, Maria Yaremchuk, Olga Sumy, Vitaly Kozlovsky, Peter Black and others.

Celebrity admitted that they often wears embroidered dress and are proud of it.

"I have a wardrobe of four embroidery. One of them is vintage, I have inherited from grandmother. Today I'm here to promote national dress among young people. For people to understand: we  are Ukrainian — and it's cool, "- said the singer Maria Yaremchuk.

Also known Ukrainians love national jewelry. In particular, the actress Olga Sumska said that she loves beads.

"When my husband asks what to give for as a present to me I refuse from diamonds and ask beads. I love to wear them, "- admitted O.Sumska.

Besides fashion shows, actors Kiev Drama Theater showed a performance about the history of colors and patterns embroidered clothes. And next to the podium was unfolded museum exhibition of embroidered shirts for men and women from different regions from early nineteen to twentieth century.

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