Ukrainian dance crews amaze with skills, modern choreography (video)

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Ukrainian dance crews amaze with skills, modern choreography (video)


Although contemporary dance styles have appeared in Ukraine not so long time ago, some Ukrainian dance crews are capable of stunning routines. The Kyiv Post is highlighting some exceptional ones:

Kyiv Modern Ballet

Kyiv Modern Ballet was the first one modern dance theater that appeared in Ukraine in 2006. It is lead by prominent choreographer Rady Poklitary, who was a judge in popular TV show “Tantsyuyut Vsi” (Everybody Dance), analog to the American So You Think You Can Dance. Poklitary creates bright and spectacular plays, where actors’ costumes describe the mood or the essence of the character.

Ballet’s last performance calling “Blize Chem Lubov” (Closer Than Love) was shown in the festival of contemporary art GogolFest in Kyiv. It is a philosophical interpretation of the timeline of love – falling in love, building relations and breaking up.

Totem dance group

Totem dance group is a part of modern dance school lead by choreographers Kristina Shyshkaryova and Konstantin Tomilchenko in 2010. The school teaches basic moves of modern and jazz-modern dance that defines the style of the team’s performances. Totem dance group’s routines are focused on visualizing psychology and emotions of the characters. Therefore, the plays are often taking place beyond space, time and with minimum decorations.

Their latest performance “The Door” is an abstract story about love and forgiveness of a mother and her unborn child who met in front of gates of heaven. Both of them can’t find peace until the conflict resolved.

Apache Crew
Apache Crew is a young crew of 30 dancers gathered by dancer and choreographer Anatoly Sachivko, a dance star of “Tantsyuyut Vsi” TV show. The team was founded in 2014. Apache Crew combines modern with street dance in their choreography. The ballet’s choreography is emotional and understandable for a common viewer. Hence, Apache Crew appears in music videos of pop singers and bands.

The most famous crew’s performance is the music video of Ukrainian singer Jamala “Ya Zaplutalas” (I’m Confused). The story is about the blindfold search for love.


Show ballet of the dance center “Myway” isn’t the traditional team that works only on general performances but individual dancers who gather into groups of different sizes to work on routines. They all are teachers and students of the dance school founded in 2005 by choreographer Aleksander Bobyk, where a variety of contemporary styles from classic to the street dance are presented.

Teachers of “Mayway” make small videos and films of their choreography, as well as perform at different events. Their official YouTube channel has 395,000 subscribers.




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