At first glance, it is the usual wedding dresses … But how can you be surprised to learn what they are!

Октябрь 3, 2015     Автор: admin
At first glance, it is the usual wedding dresses … But how can you be surprised to learn what they are!

Many young people getting married are faced with a lot of wastage. They are willing to take out loans and to wallow in debt, so as not to hit the front of relatives and friends face in the dirt. However, if the wish — can fly in space and, if desired, coarsely save at least, for example, a dress. This unusual competition — proof. Talented designers from around the world gathered at the 11th annual competition of wedding dresses made — from what would you have thought? — Of conventional toilet paper. Yes, you read it right! 

You probably already mentally prepared for this spectacle … But in fact, the wedding dress from toilet paper looks completely different from the usual. Moreover, many of them up to 100 times more beautiful! Do you think that I am crap? Check and make sure yourself! 

fashion designers from around the world fought for the tidy sum of 10 000 $. 








Almost nothing in these dresses, of course, except for material that does not set them apart from the ordinary. They have everything: Petticoat lush, beautiful lace, fancy ribbons, all kinds of floral appliques and strapless bodice with ruffles. 




The winner was gorgeous dress, tux from Dona Winkler, perhaps inspired by the clip of the legendary British pop rock band Duran Duran on the song «Ordinary World». The highlight of this creation was a cylinder with veil and bow tie. 




Winkler admits that making the dress she spent 3 months, 22 large rolls of toilet paper and a lot of glue. 


In the following step appeared dress with gentle volume rose paper flower on the shoulder and rim. 




Third place went to the multilayer board, decorated with hundreds of roses made of toilet paper. 







Other Dresses viewers also not ignored. Many memorable wedding dress with gold patches. 



His finesse struck dress with angel wings. 



Stylish dress for opponents of conservatism. 


Another dress, which surprised the abundance of small details. The finest work! 



The classic version. 


Every designer is very sensitive approach to the creation of the image. 



The winner with a check for 10 000 $. 


Apparently, even the handmade dress from toilet paper will cost is not very cheap, yet you can always turn to the familiar seamstresses whose hands grow from the right place, at the same time be original and put aside a little money. Some of your friends is going to marry? So to give them an idea and to share with them this article.