‘Worst flooding ever’ is pushing coffins out of the ground (video)

Октябрь 6, 2015     Автор: admin
‘Worst flooding ever’ is pushing coffins out of the ground (video)


South Carolina has been hit by the worst floods in its history after days of torrential rainfall. So far nine people have lost their lives and hundreds of people have been rescued as more than 25 inches of rain spread across the south eastern state.

Homes and businesses have been wrecked by the floods but these chilling images show the full extent of the damage.

Photos have emerged of coffins being exhumed from under the ground and floating along flood water.

The pictures were uploaded to the image sharing website Imgur. One photo was shared with the caption: "Flooding in South Carolina is causing coffins to exhume".

Another image shows a white coffin on its side in a cemetery.

It was uploaded with the caption: "Happening in South Carolina. Coffins are coming out of the ground".

The images have caused a stir on the online message board resource Reddit.
Socretesgirl wrote: "Blood moon last week, the dead coming out of their graves this week."My fundamentalist christian family members are freaking out. Under no circumstances will I accept an offer of Kool-aid from them."

Another user – Misanthropic_Messiah – added: "Same thing happened here in Georgia back in 1994 and it's not really all that uncommon for coffins to become disinterred during torrential flooding."

America may be reeling from freak storms thousands of miles away – but the UK has been warned to expect hurricanes and floods this weekv.Experts are warning of three months of gales and downpours.



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