Jessi June Shows How to Tell Fake Breasts from Natural (VIDEO)

Октябрь 19, 2015    
Jessi June Shows How to Tell Fake Breasts from Natural (VIDEO)


Boobs are great. Big, small, real, fake, whatever. They’re just really, really great. But if we must turn an analytical eye to lady balls and assess the pros and cons of real boobs versus fake boobs, then it is your scientific duty to watch this video. Possibly on loop.

Jessi June, glamour model and wiggler extraordinaire, uses a combination of modern photography equipment and that which her momma gave her to once and for all assess the key differences between natural breasts and those of the man-made variety. We can’t possibly tell you how it ends because shortly after the one-minute mark we began hitting ourselves over the heads with our own shoes and blasting steam from our ears. This is why we are not scientists, and also why we were thrown out of the Fifty Shades movie. (Or did we fake the whole thing so we didn’t have to sit through the Fifty Shades movie? Our girlfriend will never know, but the usher is counting his bribe.)

Whatever the outcome, though, productive and coherent thought on our part certainly wasn’t part of it.

Don’t get us wrong, We’re certain there’s a fascinating discussion about physics to be had here, but as much as we love science, sometimes it’s best just to assume there is a God in Heaven and that He’s definitely a dude.

Needless to say, if your day has been a little slow then Jessi June’s instructional, informative and extremely hypnotic demonstration is sure to perk things up.



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