«Do you want gender equality ?! So get it» — New Internet Men Riot (Photo)

Октябрь 24, 2015     Автор: admin
«Do you want gender equality ?! So get it» — New Internet Men Riot (Photo)

The network launched a campaign against the male-discrimination — harassment of men.
Most men do not like feminism, but not averse to speculate about it — this is not news. But when a group of mysterious gentleman calls all supporters of gender equality in the verbal duel online, this is something unusual. Social networks are buzzing discussing hashtag #DontMancriminate and his ideologues Maggcom. English-speaking fighters against male oppression very clearly (in pictures) explain to women that also want equal rights and know what it should be.

@maggcomofficial uses images of male celebrities to illustrate how gender equity looks through the eyes of modern representatives of the stronger sex.







Did you asked? 
Since the company has sparked interest in social networks and media, it postulates have time to comment on many of the wearer of the Internet.

"Women are raped ten times more, but if @maggcomofficial want equality …" — wrote one of the participants in the discussion.

"If feminism will win, who will open the doors? All the women will be trapped and die, "- said the commentator male.

"So equality of the sexes will not come until men will get free drinks in bars?" — Asked another wearer Twitter.