The area of this house is only 15 square meters. But just look at what’s inside!

Октябрь 29, 2015     Автор: admin
The area of this house is only 15 square meters. But just look at what’s inside!

There seems to be a trend lately in building tiny, micro houses. It’s basically all about finding a way to include as many things and functions into as little space as possible.

There are some very inspiring designs out there and we made it our mission to find them. Here’s what we came up with.


Rustic backyard micro house.

Most micro houses are built in the back yard of an already existing residence. They’re a sort of extension and they serve all sorts of purposes such as office space or art studio.

This particular structure was built in the backyard after the owner has spent years creating the beautiful garden and realized there’s some spare space there. As a result, this sustainable tiny cottage was built there. It has a wood stove and it’s a cozy hangout space for the family and friends.


Sometimes tiny, compact structures are built for other purposes than personal use. For example, this is Ufogel, a vacation house located in Austria.

The space can be rented and it sits in a very beautiful region with wonderful views. It has a very unusual geometric shape and this makes it stand out. The irregular lines make it resemble all sorts of things depending on the angle you’re seeing it from. The structure is made of larch wood and it has a sculptural form and this makes it quite unique.

Minim house.

This is the Minim House, a 235 square foot cottage designed by Foundry Architects and Minim Homes. The tiny house is efficient in every sens of the word. It has a tiny floor plan which makes great use of space and has an organized and space-saving design.

The exterior of the house is modern and simple, very sleek and with no overhangs. The hidden rain gutters are integrated into the roof. The interior is modern, simple and inviting.{found on minimhomes}