The network has a video where Obama «bedevil» on Russia (VIDEO)

Декабрь 9, 2015     Автор: Юлия Клюева
The network has a video where Obama «bedevil» on Russia (VIDEO)

It was posted a video for the Russians, which sincerely believe that all troubles of Russia is the handiwork of America. In the video, on behalf of the "National Movement cleansing" voiced appeals not be conducted in the State Department's provocations.

It was urged on behalf of the "National Movement cleansing" not to be carried to the provocations of the US State Department in the video.

Against the background of the statements of the famous Russian comedian-satirist Mikhail Zadornov video shows how the United States President Barack Obama and his residence orders to officials of Russia to worsen the living standards of Russians and suggests a spell on Russian roads, hospitals, and manages to introduce a system of "Platon".

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