Three Brothers Surprised Their Mother By Re-Creating Adorable Childhood Photos

Декабрь 22, 2015     Автор: Юлия Клюева
Three Brothers Surprised Their Mother By Re-Creating Adorable Childhood Photos

Three brothers from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, wanted to surprise their mother, Vickie, with a personalised present.

Well, this is just delightful.


So Matt, Ian, and a third, unnamed brother took 13 old, cherished family photos and re-created the poses for a calendar they gave her for Christmas.


The brothers spent a day re-creating the fun photos – and as their parents still live in the same home they grew up in as a child, it made re-creating the photos a little easier.

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Matt told Caters News that because his parents were so great at documenting their childhood, they had a lot of photos to choose from when deciding what photos to replicate.

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He said Vickie was thrilled with the end result: “My mum couldn’t stop laughing when she first saw it – and then the laughing turned to laugh-crying.”

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He added: “She texts me every so often to tell me she noticed some new detail in a picture that she hadn’t seen before.”

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Matt and his brothers had no idea the photos would be seen by millions of people when they were first uploaded to Reddit and went viral.


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He joked: “We think it’s odd 2 million people have seen the three of us in a bathtub as fully grown men.”