Rare photos of russian celebrities and their mothers

Декабрь 31, 2015     Автор: Юлия Клюева
Rare photos of russian celebrities and their mothers

Celebrities who are popular and successful in various interviews often say that all of this — the merits of their mothers.

Of course, for every victory of man is none other than the mother, and the stars are agree with this. Many artists have repeatedly confessed his love for her that in public, while noting that no one is closer to the light they may be, and were sincere in these words.

Here are rare photos of famous russian celebrities and their parents:

1. Varum and her mother:


2. Mother of Anfisa Chehova:

анфіса чехова

3. Baskov and his parents:

басков і предки

4. Vyacheslav Bykov and his mom:

биков вячеслав

5. Polina Gagarina and her mother:


6. Nikita Dzhigurda's mom:


7. Anastasiya Zadorozhna and her mom:

задорожна настя

8. Mother of Valeria Kudryavtseva:


9. Sergey Lazarev wiht his mom:


10. Lolita and her parents:

лоліта і предки

11. Anastasiya Makeeva with mom:


12. Mother of Marina Yudashkina:

марина юдашкина

13. Mother of Mariya Kozhevnikova:

марія кожевнікова

14. Ravshana Kurkova's mother:

равшана куркова

15. Pavel Sanayev with his mother:


16. Anna Semenovich and his mother:


17. Mother of Sergej Zhukov:

сергій жуков

18. Vika Krutaya and her mother:

якась віка крута

19. Mother of Oksana Fedorova:

якась оксана фьодорова

20. Panin and his mom: