How much money do star-deputies earn?

Апрель 16, 2016    
How much money do star-deputies earn?


The leader among workers of culture and sports became Iosif Kobzon. Last year, the singer earned almost 100 million rubles.

The State Duma website published details of declarations on incomes of parliamentarians. The most successful celebrity engaged in politics, became Iosif Kobzon. Last year, the singer earned 99,129,000 586 rubles (six million more than the year before).

According to the documents in the possession of Iosif Kobzon there are a lot of real estates: three houses, guest house, security house, garage-box, as well as a spacious apartment. The singer also has four plots of land in the territory of which the private building is enabled. It contributes to the family budget, that 65-year-old wife of artist Nelly Kobzon, last year received the title of Honored Worker of Culture of Russia. She earned almost 20 million rubles. Furthermore, in her possession there are four flats.

On the second place is the most successful professional in the State Duma — Stanislav Govorukhin. However, ihe is far from Kobzon: director earned only 15.399 million 263 rubles. A hockey player Vladislav Tretyak closes the top three (11856000 750 rubles).

Exactly in two times — from 10 to 5 million rubles — is the annual income of Maria Kozhevnikova. In sadder situation is Nikolai Valuev. The athlete and the actor has earned in the past year, six million, while a year ago — more than 20. And officialyl he has only a garage. The most "poor" worker in the Duma became Marat Safin — 4.735 million 560 rubles.



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