Vera Brezhneva laughed at HIV-positive patients

Апрель 22, 2016    
Vera Brezhneva laughed at HIV-positive patients


In 2014, Vera Brezhnevф became the official goodwill ambassador of the UN on HIV / AIDS. At the international event dedicated to this difficult subject, the singer behaved quite strange: she laughed and did selfie.

Vera Brezhneva often tells in her interviewa about how responsible is her attitude to this mission, however, it became clear that the artist  lies.

During the event of giving of certificates to Vera had a really strange behavior. She laughed all the time and did selfie on the stage. In general, she behaved like in a nightclub. Meanwhile, the conference was attended by HIV-positive activists, for whom it was a question of life or death. And her fun was inappropriate.

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