Have you spot the mistake? Game Of Thrones fan finds a big fail!

Апрель 26, 2016     Автор: Ольга Хмельная
Have you spot the mistake? Game Of Thrones fan finds a big fail!


The debut episode of season six of Game Of Thrones gave away a huge twist about Melisandre — but fans have noticed a major mistake with the plot.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers.

The first episode of the new series saw Jon Snow’s body being held at the Wall.


Many fans had been expecting him to come back to life, particularly when Red Priestess Melisandre arrived to see him.

But the very end of the episode didn’t result in the resurrection of Jon Snow — we were delivered a huge twist instead.

Melisandre took off her necklace and transformed into a much older version of herself, causing fans to believe that she could be hundreds of years old.

While many were too busy obsessing over the transformation and what this means for Jon Snow’s fate, one eagle-eyed fan spotted something seriously wrong with the twist.

The viewer tweeted a picture of Melissandre completely naked in a previous episode and not wearing the necklace.

Despite Monday night’s scenes, she was still young and beautiful.

"How do you explain this?! #GameOfThrones," they tweeted.

Was this just a big continuity fail?

Or does it mean something more? Knowing GoT, this could be another plot twist.

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Other viewers discussed theories about the character’s powers.

"It was the potions that kept her young, hence the focus on the empty bottle, the necklace just made it last longer I assume," one posted.

"I think it takes more than taking off the necklace. She's shaken in her faith, maybe that drained her power," another wrote.