North Korean defector lifts lid on nation’s sex habits under leader Kim Jong-un

Май 1, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
North Korean defector lifts lid on nation’s sex habits under leader Kim Jong-un


A NORTH Korean defector has spoken publicly about the sex lives of those living in one of the most secretive and repressive nations in the world.

Ji-Min Kang was raised in North Korea but managed to escape the oppressive regime and start a new life in South Korea.

Writing for NK News, an independent English-language news site that focuses on North Korea, Kang revealed she didn’t know what a condom was while living in Pyongyang, The Sun reports.


She also said that anyone caught watching porn would be subject to the same punishment as a political prisoner.

“Sex is a form of hedonism that people aren’t allowed to talk about or experience,” she said.

“Of course people have sex … It’s just that sex education didn’t exist and family planning was sparse.”

Condoms are also said to be extremely hard to find, with people forced to turn to the black market.

STDs are said to be a source of personal shame, leaving people to suffer in silence instead of seeking treatment.

Unwanted pregnancies are another consequence of the lack of information. For unmarried women there is big stigma attached to being pregnant, and many women resort to illegal and unsafe abortions.

The North Korean escapee said the culture in neighbouring South Korea is completely different. Teenagers receive sex education in school and talk openly about sex-related issues.

“I was shocked that sex education was taught in schools across the country, and to see female students being taught how to use a condom in the classroom,” she said.



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