5 signs that the ATM steals your money! Be careful!

Май 2, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
5 signs that the ATM steals your money! Be careful!

According to statistics, the number of fraud with the use of options is growing ATM. Thousands of people every day fall for scams tricks and lose their money. Experts warn that because of the carelessness of your money can literally steal you from under his nose.

Before using an ATM, carefully inspect it to check if there are characteristic of these 5 signs that it is already time to "process" the scammers!


1. Specific information reading device


2. Skimmer

Unusual volume card slot can be a sign of the presence of a skimmer — a miniature card reader, which is attached to the hole card and quietly steal your card details until you withdraw money. It is virtually impossible to distinguish from the present card reader.

3. "Lebanese loop"


Loose or blocked card slot can be a sign that in the ATM installed the "Lebanese loop". This is a small plastic loop that attackers set in the hole for the card. After trying to withdraw money from this ATM, your card is inside.​

4. Fake keyboard

5. Suspicious people close to the ATM




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