Does size REALLY matter? Survey reveals women’s ideal penis, and it may surprise you

Май 3, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
Does size REALLY matter? Survey reveals women’s ideal penis, and it may surprise you


PENIS size has long been the source of anxiety for many men around the world.

Whether it’s from magazines, movies, friends or a combination of all three; many men have an underlying perception that penis size is somehow a measure of their masculinity.

While the subject is discussed openly in popular culture, it remains an intimate topic for some.

Many people would say that size certainly does matter, however it seems there are large misconceptions as to what the typical penis size actually is.

A recent study by online medical service Dr Ed revealed the level of disconnect between men’s perceptions of penis size and the reality.

The research, which polled over two thousand men and women from across the world, revealed men’s ‘ideal’ penis is a lot larger than a woman’s ‘ideal’ penis.


Women said their ideal penis size is 15.8cm (6.2”), whereas men believed it to be 16.6cm (6.5”).

Furthermore, women said they believed the average penis size to 13.8cm (5.4”) where men expected it to be 14.1cm (5.6”)


Reportedly, the average penis size is 13.2cm (5.2”).

When it comes to penis perceptions across the world, Poland topped the list for perceived average length and average ideal length at 15.7cm (6.14”) and 17.3cm (6.8”) respectively.

The UK was the bottom of the list, with average penis length measuring 12.4cm (4.9”) and perceived ideal length measuring 14.2cm (5.6”).

Interestingly, the study also found most men are happy with their penis size.

Almost half (44 per cent) of men surveyed said they were ‘satisfied’ with their penis length and 14 per cent said they were ‘very satisfied’.

The study follows research that revealed which country has most well-endowed men.

It revealed the Congo had the biggest size with an impressive of 7.1”.

Venezuela and Colombia followed behind in joint second with an average of 6.7”

The UK came in at 5.5” and Ireland had an average of 5”.



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