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IRAQ PROBE FARCE: Chilcot inquiry to be published ‘after EU referendum’, PM says

Май 5, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
IRAQ PROBE FARCE: Chilcot inquiry to be published ‘after EU referendum’, PM says


THE long-awaited probe over the Iraq war could finally be published shortly after the European Union referendum, David Cameron has said.

The Prime Minister suggested that the Chilcot inquiry could be published "not too much longer" after the historic vote in June.

He told MPs yesterday Mr Cameron said: "[There is] a referendum on June 23, and I'm sure the Chilcot report will come not too much longer after that."

But MPs including top Tory Davis Davis reacted with fury after it was revealed it could be released as early as May.


Mr Davis said the long-awaited probe should be released once security vetting is complete – believed to be some time this month.

However inquiry chairman Sir John Chilcot said he will still need to "prepare" the mammoth investigation for publication.

Cabinet Office minister John Penrose indicated there was nothing to stop it being published before the EU in/out referendum.

Brexit backer Mr Davis has previously called for a debate on the delaying of the release.


He said: "I do not believe that it is acceptable for the Government to place media management of the publication of the report over the needs of the families of the soldiers who died in Iraq, who want above all to see the report published."

The probe, which is officially known as the Iraq Inquiry, was first launched in July 2009.

It is estimated to contain around two million words – making it a staggering four times longer than Leo Tolstoy's famous novel War and Peace.

The investigation into the controversial Iraq war has seen high profile witnesses called including former Prime Minister Tony Blair.



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