Refugee worker ‘paid 35p to RAPE boys as young as EIGHT’ in camp Merkel heralded a success

Май 13, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
Refugee worker ‘paid 35p to RAPE boys as young as EIGHT’ in camp Merkel heralded a success


A CLEANER is alleged to have paid dozens of boys as young as eight 35p so that he could rape them in the toilets of a refugee camp.

This comes despite German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying she was “very impressed” by the camp which houses 14,000 refugees.

The camp employee allegedly managed to sexually assault at least 30 boys between the ages of eight and 12 over a three-month period before authorities noticed him leading his innocent prey to CCTV blind spots.

The man, who is only known by the initials EE, is believed to have paid his young victims between 35p and £1.20 (1.50 and 5 Turkish lira) after his alleged heinous crime in the Nizip refugee camp in Antep, Turkey.

Eight families of his supposed victims have decided to press charges, with more believed to be fearful they could be deported back to Syria.


The attacker is believed to have admitted his alleged crimes, and is currently in police custody.

It comes after Chancellor Merkel visited the Turkish camp along with a child protection centre – on a Turkish bank holiday celebrated as "childrens day".

The German leader and European figurehead heaped praise on the way local authorities dealt with the refugee crisis.

Merkel was joined by European Council President Donald Tusk, who said Turkey was the “best example in the world of how to treat refugees”.


Meanwhile Brussels is battling to strike a deal to begin incorporating Turkey into the EU, with Turkey threatening to send migrants into Europe if their needs are not met.

A senior Turkish government official said: “If they make a wrong decision, we would send refugees."


The deal includes lifting visa restrictions to Turkey, as well as a pay-out that could reach £2.4billion (€3billion).

The official later added: “If Turkey’s doors are opened, Europe would be miserable.”



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