‘I can’t stand it!’ Furious reaction to Angelina Jolie’s BBC lecture on the migrant crisis

Май 17, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
‘I can’t stand it!’ Furious reaction to Angelina Jolie’s BBC lecture on the migrant crisis


ANGELINA JOLIE has been criticised for giving a speech at a special event organised by the BBC in which claimed "fear of migration" could threaten world peace.

The Hollywood star claimed on Monday there was a "race to the bottom" between European nations to reintroduce border controls as the continent struggles to cope with mass migration.

Jolie, the wife of actor Brad Pitt, said: "Fear of uncontrolled migration has eroded public confidence and the ability of Governments and international institutions to control the situation."

However, furious LBC callers reacted with anger to Jolie’s speech, with one claiming the actress made his skin crawl.

"I cannot stand worthless, useless celebrities. That they have the gall to lecture the ordinary working man about taking in immigrants," he said.

"It makes my skin crawl."

Margaret, a caller from south Wales, told host Katie Hopkins: "I think they should shut up and do their dogoody bits behind closed doors."

She continued: "She has now got airs above her station."

I cannot stand worthless, useless celebrities
One angry LBC caller
"I can’t stand the woman and her dogooding."

Another caller, Dave, from Stockport, said he "could not believe" what Jolie was saying.

"It’s just what the people were looking forward to," Tory MP Andrew Bridgen told the Daily Mail. "Another American coming over here telling us how to vote in the referendum."

Jolie, a UN ambassador, cited figures which state more than 60 million people have been displaced from their homes in recent years.

"This tells us something deeply worrying about the peace and security of the world," she said. "The average time a person will be displaced is now nearly 20 years.

"With this then the state of today's world, is it any surprise that some of these desperate people, who are running out of all options and who see no hope of retiring home, would make a push for Europe as a last resort, even at the risk of death?"



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