Actress of «Magnificent Century» Meryem Uzerli lost 9 kg!

Май 18, 2016     Автор: Ольга Хмельная
Actress of «Magnificent Century» Meryem Uzerli lost 9 kg!

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Meryem Uzerli quit smoking and slightly recovered in preparation for the role of a written beauty Hjurrem in the series "Magnificent Century". Hard work without proper rest required replenishment of energy resources, and the actress increasingly eating of a dark chocolate during filming.

After a while Meriem discovered that she was pregnant, experienced separation from a loved one, and a lot of stress related to changes in her life. During pregnancy,she gained more than 15 kg!

All women have similar problems… But this gorgeous actress was able to restore order in her life, lose weight and keep optimistic, no matter what! And now she wants ti share her invaluable experience …

Slimming secrets

Meryem states that she did not have any limits in eating. It was enough to simply stop eating chocolate, bread and puddings to see a good result!

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