Actors of «Santa Barbara». Then and now

Май 20, 2016     Автор: Ольга Хмельная
Actors of «Santa Barbara». Then and now



American TV series "Santa Barbara" was first released in 1984 and immediately captured the audience. The most popular "soap opera" has allowed the creators of more than one year continuously shoot turbulent life story of Californians. The latest series of "Santa Barbara" was shown on American screens in 1993, when the Russian "Capwell family saga" just started.


Actors of "Santa Barbara" became an instant cult. The Russians fell in love with the characters on the screen, and experienced all the problems with them. In 2014, the cult series celebrated 30 years old.

If you wonder how  the actors of the series "Santa Barbara" live now, then check our gallery and share your opinion with us!

CC Capwell — Jed Allan (78 years)


For ten years, "Santa Barbara's"  role of head of the family Capwell was played by six actors. Most recognizable as CC Capwell is an American actor Jed Allan, who has Ukrainian and Belarusian roots.

In the episode, Allan came to its peak of popularity in 1986, and stayed until the last series. During his life, he appeared in more than two dozen of TV series, including "Beverly Hills 90210," "Lassie," "Columbo," "the CSI: Miami."

Jed Allan repeatedly told that one of his grandparents came from Odessa, and the second from Minsk, but now the family is in the post-Soviet countries.

Cruz Castillo — Hey Martinez (66 years old)


Unlike most actors Hey Martinez played the role of his character throughout the epic "Santa Barbara." 

Actor of "Santa Barbara" has not lost its popularity, passing the curse "of the actor in one role."  Martinez is now in demand of both: television and cinema. After participating in the American "soap opera" Martinez appeared in "LA Law," "the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Curse of Chucky."

Hey Martinez lives with his wife, they have been married for more than 30 years. They have three children — one son and two daughters.

Eden Capwell — Marcy Walker (53 years)


Marcy Walker is among the actors of "Santa Barbara", who lasted almost all the series for 10 years, but have not been able to realize. Role of Eden Capwell has become the most famous in the life of Walker.

Marcy has a son, who is 24 years old, man dreams of becoming an actor. Walker was married 5 times and now lives with her last, fifth husband, whom she met about ten years ago.

Walker in recent years ceased to act and became the director of the Sunday School in a small American town.

Mason Capwell — Lane Davies (64 years)


Lane Davies played his character for 5 years, the last four years his role was played  by other two actors (Terry Lester and Gordon Thomson). Davis is the only one of all the cast of "Santa Barbara", who does not like to recall that period in his life. Participation in the popular TV series did not bring him any pleasure.

"We had to teach up to 58 pages of text in the series — it was very talkative hero! I have nothing to do with it ", — said the actor.

Now the sex symbol of 90s is the leader of the mobile theater "Santa Susana". Lane Davies is married and has two sons.

Sophia Capwell — Judith McConnell (71 year)


The role of Sophia Capwell in "Santa Barbara" to McConnell also became the most famous in her life. She could not get out of the role of serial actress.

Among the famous TV series, starring Judith McConnell, are "Melrou Place" and "Beverly Hilzz-902010". And in 2007, Judith played in the Russian TV series "Daughters matrix" itself.

Judith has never been married. In 1990, the actress has resorted to the help of a surrogate mother, becoming a mom for her daughter Gwendolyn. Gwen McConnell is said as the greatest victory and the love of her life.

Julia Wainwright Capwell — Nancy Lee Grahn (57 years)


Nancy Lee Grahn held played in the movies and on television, but she's got a lot of popularity as an actress of "soap operas." In the series "Santa Barbara" Nancy Lee Grahn stayed from the first to the last series, becoming the most popular star of the series, and in 1989 received the "Emmy" for her role of a lawyer Julia Wainwright Capwell, feminists, single mother and a loving woman.

The actress continues to act, is engaged in politics and philanthropy. In the area of ​​the Grand Prix charity helps cancer patients to overcome their illness. Li Grand is  married for more than 10 years, the couple has a daughter.

Lionel Lockridge — Nicolas Coster (80 years)

Before the role in the TV series "Santa Barbara" he was a famous actor of "soap operas." He has already had about a dozen of works in the popular TV series at that time. His character Lionel Lockridge was played with a break for two years. In 1988, Koster left the "Santa Barbara" to star in the ABC series "All My Children", but returned in 1990.

He was married to actress Kendess Hilligoss. The couple had two children. From this marriage with a Russian woman Coster has a child. The professional activity of Nicolas Coster also excelled. He acted in a large number of TV series and featured  films.

Kelly Capwell — Robin Wright (48 years old)


Wright was perhaps the only one of the cast of "Santa Barbara," who received a lot of popularity in Hollywood and starred in more than one feature film. The credit for this lies on the star ex-husband Sean Penn Wright, who repeatedly shot his wife in his own films. They have two children together.

On account of the actress are roles in "Forrest Gump" movie, "The Crossing Guard" and "A Home at the End of the World." One of the last memorable works of Robin — "House of Cards" and "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."

Ted Capwell — Todd McKee (51)


Todd McKee is the least popular actor "Santa Barbara." Not reaching the last series (in 1990 he was replaced by Michael Brainard), the actor begins to search for other projects.

The next and the only work of Mackey became the TV series "The Bold and the Beautiful", which was going on American television since 1990 (with interruptions).

Todd McKee and Lane Davies are the best friends, their friendship was struck up in the early episodes of the filming of "Santa Barbara".

Gina Capwell — Robin Mattson (58 years old)


Robin Mattson continues her career as an actress of "soap operas" to this days. The role of Gina Capwell in "Santa Barbara" was not the first in her acting career, but definitely the most memorable.

The performer of the main villain of "Santa Barbara" was four nominated for the daily prize "Emmy", but she never got the coveted statuette.





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