For the Record’s week in review: Trump has tax problems — bigly

Май 22, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
For the Record’s week in review: Trump has tax problems — bigly

Welcome to Saturday. Let’s recap this week in politics as you sip your coffee in bed. The investigative team at USA TODAY found out that Donald Trump’s businesses have gotten into quite a bit of trouble over their taxes, while Hillary Clinton is ready to say buh-bye to Bernie Sanders and face Trump in the general. Let’s get started:

Donald Trump has had YUUUUGE tax drama


A USA TODAY analysis found that almost every year since the late 80s, Trump’s businesses have been having tax issues — and there are at least 100 lawsuits and other disputes to prove it.

Since the beginning of Trump's campaign nearly a year ago, at least five of his companies received warrants for more than $13,000 for late or unpaid taxes. And that plane Trump uses to get from place to place? His company that owns it owed $8,578 in taxes — they’ve since paid that.


These numbers came out in the middle of a particularly awkward time for Trump, as pressure builds for him to release his taxes. He's said no thanks, he's being audited — and even if he wasn’t, his tax rate is “none of your business.”

In bonus news: The lawyer Trump hired to work on his search for a running mate (the same guy who helped find former Alaska governor Sarah Palin in 2008) used criteria that the presumptive GOP nominee wouldn't currently meet — you guessed it, that the 2008 VP candidates had to share their taxes.

Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders: It’s time to shut it down


Clinton and her campaign were never exactly subtle with their hints that the Vermont senator should get out of the race — basically anytime she or her team talked about the race, they mentioned that whole “insurmountable” delegate lead thing. But she never flat out said Sanders was done.

But that all changed on Thursday when she essentially said, here’s the deal: It’s me. Sen. Sanders, it’s time for you to skedaddle. Oh, and can you please help me get your supporters? Because Donald Trump “isn’t qualified” to be president.

Here’s what happened: CNN host Chris Cuomo started to ask her a question that began with “if you’re the Democratic nominee —” but she cut him off.

“I will be the nominee for my party, Chris. That is already done. In effect, there’s no way I won’t be,” Clinton said. Then she added that Sanders "has to do his part to unify” the party behind her.

Understandably, the Sanders campaign wasn’t down with that and they fired off a statement saying that millions of people who have voted for him don’t agree, and he’s staying for the long haul.

Trump vs. Clinton could be tight, poll finds


Clinton beat Trump on Tuesday by 3 points in an NBC/Survey Money poll. Then Trump beat Clinton by 3 points on Thursday in a Fox News poll. Here’s the biggest takeaway: Current polls suggest this race could be closer than many would've guessed.

And the race between the two has grown much tighter. The RealClearPolitics average gives Clinton a 3-point lead, but that’s much smaller than July when she was 20 points ahead of Trump.

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Pawns move nowhere, whereas the Queen can go anywhere


The Washington Post’s ComPost blog looked at “If Sanders supporters complained about other things the way they complain about election results.” A sample:

“This game is rigged. The pawns get to move almost NOWHERE, whereas the QUEEN (DETECT ANY RESEMBLANCE HERE???) can just move wherever she likes with no apparent rhyme or reason. She’s not a bishop or a rook. Why does she move like one? Also, the black pieces have to move second, which is TOTALLY unfair and needs to be looked into, unless I am playing with the white pieces today.”



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