The President is WRONG: Grayling strikes back at Obama’s Remain threat in scorching attack

Май 24, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
The President is WRONG: Grayling strikes back at Obama’s Remain threat in scorching attack


CHRIS Grayling has taken the Brexit argument to America in a blistering attack on Barack Obama’s EU Support.

Speaking in Washington DC, Mr Grayling hit out at the President’s intervention, claiming that “the view from Washington” was not the best way to assess what was in Britain’s best interests.

The Vote Leave campaigner went on to say Obama’s journey to support David Cameron in the campaign to stay in the EU was the equivalent of asking American voters to accept being ruled by a parliament in Panama, a supreme court in Venezuela, merging their military into an "army of the Americas" and allowing "every Mexican … the freedom to move to New York City if they choose".

He added: "Suggesting that the United States should be part of such an organisation does not seem to me to be a political platform likely to command widespread support here.”

"But that is exactly where the United Kingdom finds itself today."

He went on to hit out at the US President’s claim that Britain would miss out on a trade agreement with the international superpower, saying: “Neither of us should ever be at the back of the line when it comes to working together.”


Mr Grayling added: “When Barack Obama visited London in April, he made it very clear that he believes Britain should stay in the EU.

"A number of other US politicians have made a similar arguments. Often they have done so with honest intent and with what they believe to be the best interests of the United Kingdom at heart.

"But the view from Washington isn't really the best way of judging what is right and wrong for the United Kingdom, and I think President Obama was wrong to insert himself into the debate in this way.


"In the same way that the United Kingdom should respect the big decisions taken in the US, so the verdict on the future of the United Kingdom must be one for the people of the UK alone.

It comes as research has revealed that Obama's intervention in the referendum debate backfired for the Remain campaign — and actually made more investors likely to vote for a Brexit.

The American president last month publicly backed the Remain campaign and David Cameron’s stance on Europe.


But his meddling appears to have to been extremely unwelcome to the point that it actually turned many people against remaining in Europe, found a survey of personal investors by the Share Centre.

The firm found 56 per cent of investors are now set to vote for Brexit on June 23.



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