STOP PROJECT FEAR: Now Nicola Sturgeon slams Osborne’s ‘overblown’ Treasury report claims

Май 25, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
STOP PROJECT FEAR: Now Nicola Sturgeon slams Osborne’s ‘overblown’ Treasury report claims


NICOLA Sturgeon has hit out at the tactics employed by David Cameron and George Osborne in the run up to the EU referendum.

Scotland’s First Minister criticised the Chancellor following a bombardment of Treasury scaremongering over the weekend, saying: “I’d much rather we were campaigning positively.”

Sturgeon herself was at the mercy of the Treasury’s ‘Project Fear’ approach in the run up to the Scottish referendum for independence.

She said: “I think certainly in Scotland we’ve got lots of examples of Treasury reports during referendum campaigns and I think people have gotten savvy to see through some of the overblown claims.


“Of course there would be an economic impact, short medium and long term if there was a vote to leave the European union but I’m much more interested in the reasons to stay in the European union, the positive reasons.“

But while the Scottish Nationalist is running a campaign in parallel with Prime Minister David Cameron, she still took as swing at the Westminster establishment.


The SNP leader cited holiday pay and Health and safety regulation as reasons to remain.

She said: “These I think are better being guaranteed by the European Union than they would be if a Westminster government had unfettered control over them.”

It comes after Boris Johnson blasted the Government for "scaremongering" with its "doom-laden" predictions about what life would be like for Britain outside the European Union.


The latest Treasury report, which forecasts dire economic consequences of Brexit, was been branded "a hoax" by the former Mayor of London.

He claimed to see no evidence of a future recession and pointed out that just a few months ago David Cameron was saying that Britain would thrive outside the EU.


The Vote Leave figurehead said: "My own feeling is that there is some risk now that the prophecies are so doom-laden that they are at risk of becoming self-fulfilling.

"I am worried that they are starting to talk Britain down quite significantly. I don't think it's necessary."

"They think that this type of scaremongering is the best approach.