10 last SMS before death, and the history of the people who wrote them (PHOTO)

Май 26, 2016     Автор: Ольга Хмельная
10 last SMS before death, and the history of the people who wrote them (PHOTO)


If today will be the last thing in our lives will people remember about us? We have collected stories of dead people's last SMSes.

Declaration of love


In August 2010, 18-year-old Englishwoman Georgia got drunk, stole her mother's car and invited girlfriends to drive. One of the girls became suspicious, and the other two agreed. Georgia drove faster, not listening to the cries of girlfriends. And then Mikeala Stevens wrote a sms to her boyfriend: "I'm not lying, trust me, darling, please, if I die, know that you are my one and only." Surprised young man asked the girl to call back, she managed to dial his number, and he heard a terrible cry in the tube and the sound of the impact. Georgia sent a car right into a telegraph pole.

The promise of happiness


In 2012, the Canadian Amy Brock was driving and tried to correspond her loved one. The last thing she wrote was "I love you too, and try to do everything to make you happy, Mr. Fort." Her fiance created a page in memory of his girl with a warning to all those who use phones while driving a car.

Sentenced to murderer


Belgian Maura with his son, conceived to kill young stepdaughter, Stephanie, who was staying at his father's home in his absence. She was going to leave her bags were collected. But in the morning Maura and her son came into the room sleeping Stefi. Killer started to beat her with baseball bats. Stephanie managed to escape and run to the door, but along the way she lost consciousness. Deciding that she was dead accomplices threw her in the trunk. On the way, Stephanie briefly regained consciousness and managed to write: "Daddy, help. Maura is killing me. " Attackers have gotten rid of the body and lied to everyone that Stephanie left, and they do not know where she is. Posted it allowed the police to press the killers to the wall.

A reminder of faith

In 2015, Yoav Hattab went to Paris kosher store to buy food for the Sabbath. The shop was taken over by terrorists, Yoav was one of them killed the hostages. Before you go to the supermarket, the young man had corresponded with his friend, urging him to respect the Sabbath. He wrote: "The difficult times for Jews in France … At the very least, try to. Do not do anything but try to at least partially. You are awesome!"

Farewell to my mother

Mother of Arkansas holds the last sms from her son, who was killed during a tornado EF-4 in 2014. While she was hurrying home by car, Jeffrey Hunter hid in the bathroom and wrote: "Goodbye Mom … It goes directly to us." The woman tried to call the boy, but never received a response.

The conversation with his father


During the collapse of the "Sevola" Korean ferry, many students had to write to their parents. Someone was saying goodbye to his family, someone else was hoping for salvation. One girl wrote to his father: "Dad, do not worry. In my life jacket and I'm with the girls. We are inside the ship, in the hallway … The ship leaned too. There are too many people. " Her body was never found.

A tragic mistake


In 2013, Briton Gail Crocker, 46, decided to write to her lover, with whom met, while her husband was on a business trip. "Thanks for a wonderful evening. That would meet more often, "she typed text, but mistakenly sent it to her husband, with whom they have lived for nearly 30 years of marriage. Angered by Peter Crocker rushed home, took scandal. A woman begged for forgiveness. The next day she tried again to apologize to her husband, who had gone to work, but he broke the phone in anger. When Peter went home, Gale was dead, she killed herself.

The collapse of all life


Popular in England fitness coach Angie Douds in its 42 years looked at 10 under. She was able to deal with drug and alcohol addiction and get on the popular show about losing weight The Biggest Loser. However, she was fired from the TV project because it incited his players to break mode, and the day before checkweighing have some apples and nuts. Love, too, did not work. In 2011, she sent a sms favorite «my heart is broken, my spirit was broken" and jumped off the bridge.

Words of love


In 2013, Dmitry Makovkin police officer intercepted the suicide bomber was trying to enter the waiting room of the Volgograd railway station. The blast killed a young man. Bride sergeant keeps his last message: "I love you too."

Talkative dead

15-year-old schoolboy Jeil Freiberg, shot in 2014, and their classmates committed suicide in the last days of life filled up acquaintances sms. He wrote to the threat of the girl, which was in love, wrote sms to friends, inviting them to meet in the school cafeteria, where he was going with the weapon, and a few minutes before the attack, sent to all the relatives of detailed text message, which described how they should dispose of its property .