The remains of Sergei Bodrov were found  (shocking PHOTO)

Май 28, 2016    
The remains of Sergei Bodrov were found  (shocking PHOTO)

On Friday, March 21, all of Vladikavkaz and the whole country heard the news: a group of industrial motorists discovered in the gorge Karmadon fragments of the human body. Near the remains lay a pile of crumpled iron — in the past it was a car.

Close relatives Bodrov Jr. — father Sergey, mother and widow Svetlana — is not addressed in the republican biological laboratory of North Ossetia. They do not believe that the rescuers could find the body of their beloved.

In the near future have been found in the gorge Karmadon human remains will be sent to the forensic center of Rostov-on-Don. Only then specialists plan to start genetic and molecular examination of findings.


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