SNIPERS and MISSILES: Arsenal of weapons protecting Brits from ISIS terror at Euro 2016

Май 29, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
SNIPERS and MISSILES: Arsenal of weapons protecting Brits from ISIS terror at Euro 2016


A LETHAL arsenal of weapons is being deployed to combat the high-level terrorist threat at the European Championships in France.

A warship, heavy-duty ground-to-air missiles and rooftop snipers will greet England fans as they arrive in Marseille for the match against Russia on June 11.

Islamic State militants are known to be targeting Marseille after authorities found secret documents belonging to Salah Abdeslam, a terrorist responsible for the heinous Paris attacks, which stated the city was "top of the list of ISIS targets".

French authorities revealed that surface-to-air missiles will be located on rooftops near the Stade Velodrome in Marseille, where England play their first Euro 2016 match against Russia.

The laser-guided warheads will also be positioned on high ground around the city and near popular tourist attractions, such as the Notre-Dame de la Garde Basilica.


Scores of police snipers will be in strategic positions, ready to annihilate any terrorist threat.

Rapid patrol boats will also be cruising around the Mediterranean in case violent jihadis attempt to attack from the sea.

Marseilles police chief Laurent Nunez said: "The police will be present throughout the city, around the stadium, the fan zone, in the city centre, and at the airport, where foreign supporters will arrive.

"Metal detectors will be placed at the entrances to the stadium, and the fan zone, and random searches will be carried out on public transport.

The terrorist threat is the number one risk."


Five British police commanders will also be at the game to add to what is believed to be the biggest ever anti-terror security operation ever staged in Europe.

Speaking about the British officers who will make the trip, a French government spokesman said: "Their role will be to patrol in uniform in and around the stadiums, as well as in the fan zones, airports and train stations as and when they are needed. 


"These police officers will provide significant help and assistance with regards to managing foreign supporters that are present in the host cities."

The massive security operation comes as The Express yesterday reported that ISIS have Euro 2016 "in their sights", according to top German intelligence officials.

This was echoed by France's internal intelligence chief, Patrick Calvar, who said: "Clearly, France is the most threatened and we know that Islamic State is planning new attacks. 


"Due to suffering setbacks on the battlefield [in Iraq and Syria] ISIS will want to create a diversion and avenge coalition air strikes.

"They will try to hit as soon as possible, and achieve the greatest possible impact."



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