New photos of a «last call» in Volzsk were found (18+)

Май 30, 2016     Автор: Ольга Хмельная
New photos of a «last call» in Volzsk were found (18+)


The network has new photos with the orgies after the "Last Bell" in Volzsk, where, according to preliminary data, a schoolgirl was raped .

The footage shows that the young people started to celebrate when it was still light. First, students had fun, but at some point in the frame appears the alcohol, which was the cause of the spoiled evening.

On one of the photos of the girl, who became a victim of the alleged rape, she fell to the ground. Teens dragged her from the street to the house, where he was stripped. Thereafter classmates threw her clothes on the chandelier, while they themselves continued to rest.

Among the photos from holiday also were pictures with a young man who was kissing a condom on camera.
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