The road that defies gravity

Май 31, 2016    
The road that defies gravity


BBC Autos invited the actor, director, travel writer and Ireland devotee to pick his favourite Emerald Isle road trips.

The Magic Road. A road that defies gravity. It’s said that a car left in neutral will roll up hill of its own accord. It couldn’t be true…even in Ireland.

A fool’s errand such as this should only be undertaken in the proper vehicle. I chose a 1976 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE named Martha.

The Magic Road doesn’t appear on any map, but rumor said I should go north. I eased Martha onto the M1 from Dublin. At Dundalk I swung east out toward Carlingford. I asked anyone I could find — many looked at me as if I was mad. Others had heard of it, one even claimed to have driven it — but couldn’t remember exactly where it was. I followed my nose, turning down narrow, hedge bound lanes. I got lost. I grew frustrated and almost gave up.

Then, suddenly…




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