«Father’s Daughter» is getting married!

Июнь 5, 2016     Автор: Ольга Хмельная
«Father’s Daughter» is getting married!


Lisa Arzamasova is a famous Russian actress and singer. Many people know her for the role in "Daddy's Daughter" series. Recently it became known that this young girl is getting married!

Let us remind you, Lisa i only 19 years old. A year ago, on her 18th birthday Lisa received an interesting gift — a ring, which is really similar to a wedding ring.

Who is her fiance is still  unknown. The actress doen't comment any rumors about the upcoming wedding.

Lisa said to reporters that she doen't want to talk about her personal life, she is not ready for it yet. Talking about the relationship between Lisa and Philip Blednyi, we should admit that for a long time they were only working together. But apparently, their friendship turned into love soon. Вut rumors have it that Liza's boyfriend is much older than she is.



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