Breaking news: Donald Trump’s motorcade crashes on the way to New York airport

Июль 19, 2016     Автор: Ольга Хмельная
Breaking news: Donald Trump’s motorcade crashes on the way to New York airport


Donald Trump's campaign team has been involved in a crash on the way to a New York airport, according to reports.

One of the presidential candidate's vehicles was involved in a collision as he headed to catch a flight from LaGuardia to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Monday.
Staff were believed to be in the car when it was hit, while Trump was travelling separately.

The billionaire was not injured.

 Trump's Press Secretary Hope Hicks told Daily Mail Online: 'Everyone is okay. it was a staff car accident, totally separate from Mr. Trump's motorcade. We're all just fine.'
Initial reports suggested his official motorcade was involved, but the Secret Service later confirmed that the cars were being driven by campaign staff members. 
The incident unfolded following a chaotic first day at the party's convention in Ohio and just hours before his wife Melania was due to make a speech on Monday night.
He was scheduled to introduce her to the crowd at the Quicken Loans Arena. 

Earlier on Monday, he tweeted: 'Looking forward to being at the convention tonight to watch all of the wonderful speakers including my wife, Melania. Place looks beautiful!'
Trump's four adult children will also take to the stage during the week. He will make his high-profile speech on Thursday night. 
The Convention, which will end with Trump being officially named as the Republican nomination for president, started with protests on Monday.
Anti-Trump demonstrators in the party demanded a roll call vote, which would have allowed them to show discontent for the real estate mogul.