Get beach body ready with these CRAFTY make-up holiday hacks

Июль 20, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
Get beach body ready with these CRAFTY make-up holiday hacks


LOOKING good on holiday isn’t always easy, with humidity, sunburn and seawater all combining to ruin even the most groomed woman’s looks.

But now online hair and beauty retailer has revealed the top ten beauty hacks you absolutely have to know to ensure you stay looking good while you are away.

Firstly, adding bronzer to your sun cream will give you glowing skin. said: “We all want glowing skin that shimmers on the beach but you don’t have to wait until the end of your holiday to get a bit of colour to your complexion.

“Simply mix a spot of bronzer or sparkly eyeshadow into a heap of your lotion to get a gorgeous shimmering effect when sunbathing.”

If you’ve bought shoes along with you that are rubbing there is an easy solution to stop the pain. revealed: “Avoid shoe pains by rubbing your ankles and toes with deodorant first — this will stop any moisture from collecting and prevent friction.”

Sun, seawater and chlorine can all come together to ruin hair colour, but a quick trip to the local supermarket can prevent this from happening. said: “Extend the life of your dye job by lightly spritzing apple cider vinegar over your hair — this will help the colour set in for longer.”

Forgotten to pack the dry shampoo? Just use baby powder — advised you could lightly dust onto roots and rub in for the same effect.

Baby powder is also useful as a sand repellent, and said: “Sprinkle on your legs, arms and body before heading to the beach and you’ll be able to wipe of all sand instantly with ease.”

If you’re trying to achieve the boho look, dip your hair in seawater. explained: “There’s no need to pack a bottle of luxury salt spray – just use the seawater.

“After getting your hair wet, scrunch in sections with your hands and then let it hang loose to create flawless waves.”


If you would prefer to try and lighten hair, run lemon juice through it before sunbathing. revealed: “The citric acid in the juice opens your cuticles, making your hair more susceptible to the sun’s rays.”

Avoid packing a heavy tub of exfoliator and just use sand instead — it is a natural exfoliator so will leave skin feeling silky smooth after a day at the beach. said: “When dipping your toes, just rub into your body before rinsing, exactly like you would with an exfoliator at home.”

If you find yourself suffering with sunburn, a nice brew is the perfect remedy.

But don’t drink it to get the benefits, as explained: “An effective way of relieving sunburn is by actually using tea bags, which are usually supplied in hotel rooms.

“Soak several black tea bags in cool water and after the water has darkened, lay the wet tea bags on to the burned skin for around 20 minutes.

“This will help remove the heat, pain and sting while also giving a warm glow to the skin.”

Finally, prevent razor rashes by coating your favourite razor in olive oil before jetting off on holiday, and store it outside of the shower once there to stop it going rusty.

The holiday beauty hacks come as the causes of cellulite and how to get rid of it are revealed.