ISIS targeting Brits on holiday as armed police to be deployed to protect tourists

Июль 28, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
ISIS targeting Brits on holiday as armed police to be deployed to protect tourists

ISIS targeting Brits on holiday as armed police to be deployed to protect tourists

ARMED cops will be deployed to beaches this summer to defend tourists from the looming threat of jihadis.

French cops will be patrolling beaches and other holiday destinations such as festivals, train stations and airports.

New rules banning backpacks due to the risk of improvised bag bombs are also set to be introduced, The Times reports.

The French government has said 23,000 soldiers and specially trained police officers will be deployed to holiday destinations in order to protect tourists from the threat of ISIS.

“Our democracy is the target, and it will be our shield. Let us stand together. We will win this war”
Francois Hollande

Bernard Cazeneuve, French Interior Minister, admitted the authorities believe the sick death cultists may strike at holidaymakers.

He also said open-air concerts, festivals and other large gathers also could be targeted – with special detachments of security forces to be deployed at 56 of these events across the country.

The news comes after the Bastille Day massacre, where a lone jihadi lunatic mowed down 84 revelers in a truck.

Brits travelling to France this weekend are also set for travel chaos this weekend with predictions of 'Black Saturday'

Problems are being caused at Dover by extended checks leading to hours of delays, which last weekend caused queues of up to 18 hours and left holidaymakers stranded and starving. 

French riot police will also be equipped with guns for the first time ever, previously they were just armed with batons and handcuffs.

The cops will also have bullet proof vests, reports The Guardian.

France remains under a state of emergency after a string of terror attacks, which most recently saw ISIS butchers attempt to behead a priest at a church altar.

The Foreign Office's travel advice warns that there is "a high threat from terrorism" and also said that the French government had reinforced its security measures.

The French authorities are launching a smartphone app to let people know about security alerts, including terrorists and natural disasters.

Last week, Francois Hollande announced the nation is stepping up its military power in the Middle East in an effort to destroy ISIS, as Vladimir Putin's Russia steps up bombing raids and is set to deploy the pride of its navy to the region.