Just In: LeBron James comments on latest anti-Trump move

Декабрь 8, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
Just In: LeBron James comments on latest anti-Trump move


LeBron James told the media that he refuses to stay in any Trump-branded establishment. 

Now he comments on that decision, stating it was just a personal choice.


Lebron James, another low-t Hillary Supporter and unhinged liberal who can’t cope with loss, made a ridiculous statement recently, declaring he “refuses to stay in Trump hotels.

However, it was the sentiment behind the comment, which irked people.

It’s more destructive, leftist division and liberal hissy-fits from spoiled zillion-dollar athletes who want to play “political activists.”

America has had it with that crap.

Just ask the NFL how their ratings are……

Hey, LeBron?

Shut up and bounce the ball.

People took to social media to speak out against the emotionally unstable cry-baby.

LeBron James is among a group of Cavaliers who do not plan to stay with the team at a New York hotel owned by President-elect Donald Trump, according to sources.

LeBron James, center, accompanied by Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player J. R. Smith, left, his daughter Demi, bottom left, and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, right, speaks at a…

Now, LeBron is walking back his divisive comments, saying it was not meant as “political.”

Oh, really? 

According to LeBron, it was just a “personal choice.”

What an IDIOT.

LeBron also told reporters that he hopes Trump is the “Best president ever.”