This Conor McGregor Instagram Post Is Seriously Bamboozling

Декабрь 11, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
This Conor McGregor Instagram Post Is Seriously Bamboozling


What's up with this then?

Conor McGregor — man of the people — though ironically doesn't know many people — shared this with us.

He wrote on his Instagram: Wearing my Pj's on the P.J. A clever play on words. So as well as a double champion who makes Eddie Alvarez look like a choirboy, he's also a wordsmith. There he is with his pyjamas on, looking pensive with a Chanel bag on the side, some nice slippers on and it's a bit weird he's got his sunglasses to read and WAAAAAIIIITTTTT!!! WHHHHAAAATTTTTTT!!!!!!




Wearing my Pj's on the P.J #GoalTicked @jetsmarter

Фото опубликовано Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma)


What's he reading? Is he so talented that he can read upside down now?

Fans of the MMA legend were quick to point out that his paper, is indeed, topsy turvy.

But let's break this down, shall we. Is this an attack on Floyd Mayweather who, despite being richer than a triple layered chocolate cake, reportedly can't read. We know there's little love lost between them. McGregor wants to fight him and this could just be a riling tactic.


This lad knows what this is all about.


Can you remember when 50 Cent savaged Mayweather because he supposedly can't read? Let's revisit that!

Credit: Best Ice Bucket Challenges

However, I just think McGregor likes to challenge himself, and reading is no different. He doesn't take the easy path. You missed the copy of 'War And Peace' he's about to tackle in Mandarin. And yeah, upside down, while doing a handstand, why not?

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It was announced this week that Conor McGregor will appear in Game Of Thrones, and there's rumours he'll be helping out Euron Greyjoy. Is there no end to this man's talents?

If it is a dig at Mayweather, what's he gonna do about it? 'NUTTIN!!!!