The NFL are making big changes to Pro Bowl week: change everything

Декабрь 13, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
The NFL are making big changes to Pro Bowl week: change everything


The NFL Pro Bowl — a great idea on paper but one that in reality fails to live up to the hype year after year.

With the top players who don't make it to the Super Bowl all voted for by fans to go head to head, it should be a case of watching fantasy match ups come true.

In reality, many veteran players pull out of the Pro Bowl if elected for the game and it tends to become quite a dull affair.

The NFL has tried many different things to improve the annual pre- Super Bowl event, but nothing has really achieved that yet.

2017 could be the difference maker however as the league announced several changes that will be made to Pro Bowl week.

The re-imagined Pro Bowl week will see a skills showdown brought in in which the best players in the league will compete in several different and very interesting competitions.

There will be epic Pro Bowl dodgeball — an idea that is fairly self explanatory, and a best hands competition in which quarterbacks and receivers from each team will try to complete as many passes as possible before the timer runs out.

Other competitions like a precision passing drill in which two players will go head to head and try to hit targets of varying size.

The final competition is a power relay challenge in which four team members will compete in a timed relay challenge.

The new competitions will hopefully improve the weeklong build up between Championship Sunday and the Pro Bowl which has also had one more change made this year.

For the last three years, the Pro Bowl has operated under a draft system, but this year will see it return to it's traditional system of players representing their conferences.