Plane carrying 118 people on board is ‘hijacked’ over Libya

Декабрь 23, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
Plane carrying 118 people on board is ‘hijacked’ over Libya


A plane carrying 118 passengers has been diverted to Malta after potentially being hijacked over Libya, authorities have said. 

The plane was travelling on an internal flight in Libya when the alleged hijacking took place and has since been diverted to Malta International Airport where emergency measures are being taken.

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The Times of Malta suggest that there is one hijacker on board claiming to be in possession of a hand grenade, although it is unclear what his demands are.

Pictures said to be from the scene show a plane on a runway at the airport, with Flight Radar showing the path of the flights as it headed towards the Mediterranean island.

The prime minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, confirmed he had been informed of the incident involving the Afriqiyah Airways A320 flight.