UFC Legend Admits McGregor Wouldn’t Survive One Round With Nurmagomedov

Декабрь 23, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
UFC Legend Admits McGregor Wouldn’t Survive One Round With Nurmagomedov

Conor McGregor would struggle to make it to the first bell against Khabib Nurmagomedov, according to UFC legend Frank Mir.

Mir is a hero among the heavyweight division, but does not think current lightweight champion McGregor has any chance against the wrestling skills of the undefeated Russian.

Nurmagomedov is 24-0 in his MMA career and is widely regarded as the uncrowned king of the lightweights and Mir believes much of McGregor’s success is down to being a big talker.

‘He’s a good fighter but let’s face it: if Khabib and him face off, I wouldn’t bet on Conor to last even past a round,’ Mir told Russia Today.

‘But he makes more money than Khabib because he has such a great mouth.’

McGregor is the best paid UFC fighter ever and has broken almost every pay-per-view, gate receipts and revenue record in the company’s history since joining their ranks in 2013.

The Irishman has become a two-weight champion in just three years in the UFC and Mir thinks the naturally soft spoken Nurmagomedov has now realised talking is part of the game.

‘People talked more about what he said after the fight about Conor being a chicken and about he choked on the ground and ‘chicken’ this ‘chicken’ that – that made the headlines,’ he said.

‘Not how great of a fighter he was and how devastating he was on the ground.

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‘I think he sees that.

‘So you can put on a great show, but it’s not really the show, it’s what you say afterwards that’s going to get you that title shot, so Khabib’s really trying to make that adjustment.

‘He’s a competitor and a martial artist and I think he’s trying to make adjustments in his life so that he can get that title shot and hold the belt.’