Estonia launches anti-Russian propaganda channel

Сентябрь 26, 2015     Автор: admin
Estonia launches anti-Russian propaganda channel


An anti-Russian propaganda channel in Russian-language is preparing for launch in Estonia, while the officials say they hope it will tempt the country's large Russian-speaking minority to tune in to locally produced, rather than Russian-owned, news programming.


"For more than 20 years, have [Russian-speaking] people here in Estonia really been participating in the public sphere? Really? No, we don't participate. ETV+ first of all is a platform to offer different points of view," says Darja Saar.

"So that all people, without reference from what they think about Crimea, so that they can discuss these issues on ETV+, offer conclusions and arguments. And as ETV+'s editor-in-chief I can promise that there will not be 'black lists' on ETV+," she said.

The move comes amid growing concerns of the Baltic states that their large Russian-speaking minorities are susceptible to Moscow's message from pro-Moscow TV channels widely available.

The channel which will cost Estonian taxpayers EUR 2.53 million  for this year alone is set to launch on Monday, September 28.



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