15 Photographers Who Will Do Just About Anything For The Perfect Shot (PHOTO)

Октябрь 13, 2015     Автор: admin
15 Photographers Who Will Do Just About Anything For The Perfect Shot (PHOTO)

We all love our jobs. Well, some of us more than others. But, some people live for it and do whatever it takes to be the best in their field, no matter how insane the what’s required of them may be.

This collections of photographers put their lives out on the line to get that perfect shot. Bravo!

Let’s check them out..

Cat Power


Not all people obsessed with cats are losers who spend all their time alone on the couch. Some are successful photographers, like these guys.

Never Let Them See You Sweat


We guess these guys were just a bit too optimistic when they went out to shoot that day. Also, aren’t you not supposed to run from bears? Food for thought. 

Need For Speed


Now, this one is just plain too close for comfort. We don’t even want to know what happened only seconds after this photo was taken.

A Burning Shot


Now, this guy is doing absolutely everything it takes to get the job done. Props, dude! We wish there were more people out there as dedicated as you. It would certainly make for a better world. 

Out On The Line


When it comes to the putting-your-life-out-on-the-line-for-a-shot game, this guy is the true OG. We can’t imagine what compelled him to risk his life like this, especially when no one was doing similar things.  

Swan Lake


Who says your hiding spot has to be an ugly one? We do have a few questions though.. How did this guy stuff himself in here? Also, does he really think other swans are that stupid?

Frog Life


Now that is a tiny, tiny, tiny frog… How did this guy manage to get so close to it without the frog freaking out? Or did he just chill out in this pond on the off-chance that a tiny from might leap up on a leaf?

Backbreaking Work


What was this woman taking a photo of we wonder? We hope it was worth it because she seems to have caused enough of a scene for people to start taking notice.

Too Cute!

Olh’ó passarinho !

Now, this is just too cute! A tiny photographer for a tiny crocodile! We just couldn’t resist including this photo in our compilation. We wonder what this guy will be up to when he grows up though if he’s taking risks like this already. Hope his mom never finds out!

Sometimes, Life Stings


Oh it hurts to even look at this! The things people do.



Wow! How long was this guy standing out there for?



It seems people have been crazy about getting the perfect shot since the camera was invented. And it’s no wonder considering how inspiring some photographs can be.

Down And Dirty


Now, this one just seems plain out crazy! How is this guy holding this pose? Props, dude!



And, finally, the craziest thing photographers do for a great shot is collaborate! If we have any photographers reading this, you guys know how difficult it can be to work with others sometimes! 





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