Animal That Survives in Space Has Weird DNA

Ноябрь 25, 2015     Автор: Ольга Хмельная
Animal That Survives in Space Has Weird DNA

This animal can be called an alien for consisting of a lot of foreign DNA!

With having a lot of different animals in the Earth, it’s actually hard to study and take your time with each of them. With that, not all creatures in Earth have been discovered and have been studies carefully. But there are those animals that are just so fascinating that you just had to examine them for yourself. You know, for fun’s sake? But having been living in Earth, you may think that all beings will have the same DNA, Especially when we have been taught of the tree of life. But there can always be that one creature that is very distinct and very unique at the same time. In our society, it’s actually hard to be unique and original since we all think alike. And that can also be applied in our DNA. It’s so easy to take a DNA from another creature.

That was why we evolve. And that is also why we have different species. We have an Asian mom and a Black father, to put it simply. It can be so different at first, but when it actually merges into a whole lot of DNA, well, you get the picture. But with this animal, which is known as the Tardigrade, also known as, the water bear is just a mini caterpillar if you would, that has four pairs of legs and is almost transparent.

pic: a tardigrade (or water bear), the toughest creature on Earth. Photo by Dr Ralph Schill. Supplied by Dave Roberts tel 07855 358193 Hollies, Mill St, Gislingham, Eye, Suffolk IP23 8JT www.epicnews.co.uk