EU is a ‘fascist, communist dictatorship!’ Who is the latest personality to back a Brexit?

Апрель 26, 2016     Автор: Ольга Хмельная
EU is a ‘fascist, communist dictatorship!’ Who is the latest personality to back a Brexit?


TEAM Brexit is made up of an eclectic mix of personalities but the latest figure backing the anti-EU campaign may be the biggest surprise of them all.

This out fan is one of the world's most well-known conspiracy theorists.

David Icke, the former goalkeeper turned BBC Grandstand presenter who famously declared himself the son of God, is firmly behind the UK independence campaign.

But will the support of a man, who has claimed that most world leaders were an alien race of reptilians in disguise, help or hinder the Brexit vote?

Mr Icke, who runs a massively popular conspiracy website and carries out world tours to promote his theories, has labelled the EU a “fascist, communist dictatorship full of lies galore” and branded EU leaders as “dark suits running your life”.

He joked that he had a tough time mulling over which way to vote in a video on his website and YouTube and began with a fairly straight argument.

He said: "It's a choice between being controlled by an unelected people cartel of dark suit bureaucrats dictating the fine detail of our lives from Brussels overriding national law and Parliaments.

"It's a choice between that and having laws that affect the people of Britain made within the land of Britain.

"Dear that's hard isn't it — which way shall I go?"


Mr Icke also claimed Prime Minister David Cameron only agreed to the referendum because he believed he would end up in a another coalition government, and the nationwide vote would be blocked by the coalition partner.

But Mr Icke soon launched into a more conspiricies, while urging everyone to "wake up".

He said the EU is "a straight-jacket fascist communist bureaucratic centralised super state".

He added: "What I suggest the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn think on is whether an EU run by dark-suited fat cat beaurocrats, in league with dark-suit fat cat heads of giant corporations, in league with manipulative powers that actually run the EU, is whether they will have any care whatsoever about the people the Labour Party suppose to represent.

"They are the target of these people. Why do you think austerity is everywhere?

"And you think the EU is a way out of it? It is a way further into it.

"Wake up Labour Party. Wake up Jeremy Corbyn and see what's going on, what the real agenda is."

The Brexit campaign remains disjointed, and it is not clear whether someone with Mr Icke's background of outlandish claims of a reptilian Illuminati running the world will damage it further.

When George Galloway spoke at an earlier Brexit rally, a number of right-wing anti EU campaigners were said to have walked out.