Now fussy European officials BAN tourists from drinking WATER on the streets

Май 2, 2016     Автор: Юлия Клюева
Now fussy European officials BAN tourists from drinking WATER on the streets


BRITONS holidaying in one of Europe’s busiest hotspots have been banned from drinking anything on the streets, even bottles of water.

Officials in the town of San Antonio in Ibiza , which regularly reaches summer temperatures close to 100F, have warned tourists against drinks of any kind.

Anyone found breaking the stringent rule faces a hefty fine of £600 after the law was passed earlier this week.

The drastic measure was taken after authorities became incensed with holidaymakers drinking alcohol in public places.


But in a bizarre attempt to stop partygoers hiding alcohol in other bottles, the ban extends to all drinks, even water.

With hundreds of thousands of Britons set to flock to the party island this year, fears have been raised over their safety.

As temperates in the Balearics soar, some people are worried parched tourists wandering around town could become dehydrated.

But San Antonio’s Mayor Pep Tur is refusing to back down, claiming young people visiting the town are “causing a nuisance”.


Other local politicians have moved to qualm fears over tourist safety, assuring people there will be plenty of opportunity to cool down.

Town councillor Aida Alcatraz said: “There are areas like terrace bars where of course people will be able to drink.


“But what they won't be able to do any more is to take drinks out onto the streets in plastic glasses.”

It is also thought that children and people doing exercise will be exempt from the contoversial new rule.

But that hasn’t stopped opposition politicians slamming the curious new measure.

Mr Sala of the Popular Party said: “This is impossible and possibly even unconstitutional."